Drinking Water Purification

Water Quality Analysis

Concerned about your water quality? We can quickly test a sample to determine:

  • The hardness of the water
  • The amount of total dissolved solids
  • The presence of unwanted minerals like iron or manganese
  • The right solution to ensure your drinking water supply is safe and tasteless 

Water Purifiers 

A water purifier will provide the ultimate in high quality drinking water. Our drinking water systems combine carbon and sediment filters with reverse osmosis technology to provide highly effective water treatment. 

We can even track your filter life for you. Let us schedule regular filter changes on a yearly basis. We’ll call you to schedule appointments to suit your schedule. 

Water Sterilizers

We also carry the latest in ultraviolet water sterilizers as well as Canadian-made Precision water distillers which provide you with pure steam distilled water. Both will ensure a safe drinking water supply for your home, your loved ones, or your business.

reverse osmosis water filter systems