Water Softeners

Water Quality Analysis

Concerned about your water quality? We can quickly test a sample to determine:

  • The hardness of the water
  • The amount of total dissolved solids
  • The presence of unwanted minerals like iron or manganese
  • The right solution to ensure your drinking water supply is safe and tasteless

Imagine the benefits of having cleaner water for your shower and tub, washing machine and dishwasher. Imagine using less detergents and still getting better, cleaner results and softer skin. And you can save even more in the long run by saving your pipes, fixtures and water heaters from damage from scale build-up.

Our prices include standard installation and in-home warranty service.  


The Water Warehouse offers the latest in high efficiency water softeners – saving you water, salt and maintenance. And we provide expert installation of our equipment as well. Call us today and find out how inexpensive soft water can be.


Our high efficiency water softeners can also be rented, meaning you can start enjoying soft water today.

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